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Ingresso Cybernetico

Tools for Your Online Business

A Behind the Scenes of Ingreso Cybernetico

 If you are just now coming online to join the millions who are turning to Work From Home opportunities, there are certain tools that you’re going to need to operate your business.

 Services Offered:

Auto responder

You will need an auto responder for keeping up with you contacts, clients and those whom you market to by email.  This software allows you to send a single email, or to many emails at once.  It can also be used to send series of messages, which can be scheduled for different dates and times.


Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is a system that is set up, starting with a capture page to capture email addresses, and then sends the prospective customer through a process for marketing your product, or business opportunity, to those emails you have captured.



A blog is the center of your business and is the place where you clients, associates and prospective clients, can come to for gaining information and/or training.


Webinar or Hangout Platform

The webinar or hangout platform is a great option for training, masterminding, or offering products and services to interested buyers.

 These are just some of the tools, and of course for all of these, there are free options.  There are some folks who have been very successful in using the free methods, but for others, structure and a central location make all of these tools work together seamlessly.

 I want to talk with you about a system that I use.  It is called Ingreso Cybernetico.  This company was originally started in Latin America a few years ago, came to the United States almost 2 years ago, and is now international.  The CEO, Dwayne Golden, Sr., President, Juan Carlos Olaya, CIO, Jatin Patel, and Director of Operations, Dwanye Golden, Jr., decided that they were going to create a company with software tools that was affordable for everyone.  These top men forfeited taking salaries at the beginning to guarantee the success of the company.  This company is debt free and thriving in the market place.

 Watch this video to see behind the scenes and the kind of benefits they have to offer.

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BG Jenkins